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Kim Herold

Certified Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach

Helping you awaken into the life of your dreams.

What I Do

Hi, I’m Kim, and I’m super passionate about helping you make your dreams come true. Especially in the realm of love.

I have a unique talent for deep listening, empathic visioning, and helping you build a bridge to your desires.

Step by step, and with years of deep work, I’ve created the life of my dreams right before my very eyes. What was once a deep longing has now become the life I live every day and for which I’m profoundly grateful. And it just keeps getting better.

I would love to help you do the same in your life. If you’d like to see if my coaching is right for you, book your free discovery session with me today.




When I felt my lowest and I couldn’t find any rational answers to my reoccurring problems, Kim’s energy and guidance stepped in.

When I felt like I made some mistakes, she reminded me what true self-love is and guided me to experience it within my body.

Her beliefs and knowledge are far beyond what I experienced or understood. It is a level higher of where humanity is currently vibrating at.

I experienced a new level of creation and manifestation of my dreams, love, relationships, sex.

Working with Kim always blows my mind away. It’s pure bliss and at the same time an experience of enlightenment when working with her.

I’m forever grateful for how her guidance transformed my life and my relationship to my dream partner. I am living a fairytale story with my man.

Zuzana Fontaine

Love & Sex Coach

After becoming frustrated with the limitations of traditional therapy, I was lucky enough to cross paths with Kim.

Her style is  unique as she incorporates meditation techniques, somatic experiencing, and honing ones own tuition to create change towards your best life imagined.

I’ve have a lot of movement in all areas of my life since we’ve been working together and I’m excited to see what continues to unfold!

Mary Ava Nunnery


Book Your Free Discovery Call with Kim

To get started, simply book your free 15-minute discovery call with me below. Once you book our time, you will be directed to an intake form which will help me get to know you and your dreams better before our call.

I look forward to meeting you!