I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Bakara Wintner about magic, mental health, and navigating the liminal spaces we encounter, either consciously or unconsciously, during the course of life.

You can listen to the podcast here.

For those of you who don’t already know her, Bakara left a successful tarot reading business in Brooklyn, NY to open a magic, crystal, and lifestyle shop in Durham, NC. For many native to Durham, the space and community created by Everyday Magic was a blessing and a much-needed dream come true.

Bakara is the author of WTF is Tarot?: …& How Do I Do it?, and creatrix of the soon-to-be-relased Wayhome Tarot and Postcards From the Liminal Space, a tarot deck and oracle deck, respectively.

Bakara is a unique, driven, and brilliant woman who has accomplished much in her young life. Having risen to the challenges of a less-than-ideal childhood and chaotic teenage years, she comes across as an individual who has worked to create her own blessings. In my opinion, Bakara is gifted with a unique ability to both hear and follow the inner voice that some folks spend a lifetime learning to excavate. As a result, her hands and heart have opened to both an outpouring and receiving of her own divine, creative essence and love.

I invite you to listen to our conversation in Wild Orgasmic Wisdom’s maiden voyage into the podcast realm, Navigating the Liminal Space with Bakara Wintner.

So what exactly is the Liminal Space? 

As Bakara explains, the liminal space is the experience of “…being on a threshold… being in-between… It’s like being in a stairwell or an elevator.” It’s a place that takes you from one place to another, but not necessarily a a place you spend a lot of time in.

And thusly, Postcards from the Liminal Space, created by Bakara and her business partner Christian Berryand illustrated by Kaylee Christenson, serve as signposts of the in-between; candles that help to guide us through life’s many stairwells, waiting rooms, and elevators.

Finding Our Wayhome

The Wayhome Tarot is mystical and deeply symbolic deck four years in the making. It was created from scratch, from the dreamscape of Bakara and the artistic talents of Brooklyn-based illustrator, Autumn Whitehurst.

Bakara describes the moment when she and Autumn finally looked at the deck laid out in its entirety: “It was like taking a walk in the woods.” One has the sense, when encountering fleeting glimpses of the the deck’s images, that we are being treated to a pilgrimage straight to the oracle that dwells in Bakara’s soul.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of The Wayhome Tarot and Postcards from the Liminal Space!

Both will be available through ShopEverydayMagic.com. Receive the latest news by following Bakara on instagram @bakaraw or @everyday__magic.

You can see the work of Wayhome Tarot illustrator Autumn Whitehurst on her instagram, @awhitehurststudio. Postcards from the Liminal Space is illustrated by Kaylee Christenson, and you can find her on instagram @fmoaltt.


Thanks for listening!