In the third episode of the Wild Orgasmic Wisdom Podcast, I talk with healer, artist, and plant music collaborator, Joe Patitucci, about making music with plants, what plant-human collaboration means for the future of our planet, and how we can all stay grounded and grow toward the light.

Joe is the founder of DataGarden, co-creator of the MidiSprout (a biofeedback set-up you can use in conjunction with your computer or smartphone to make music with plants from the comfort of your own home), and PlantsFM, which streams live music made by plants 24/7. You can learn more about him and his work at Nature of Now.


You can listen to the podcast here.


I first met Joe at one of his plant music/art installations at SXSW in Austin, TX. At that time, the installation included not only headphones for discovering the plant-made music in realtime with the plants on-site, but you could sit on a pad that would vibrate according to the biofeedback expressed by the plant. I was blown away and inspired, as this is the kind of technology I had previously only dreamed about!


My first time encountering DataGarden in 2014. Actually, touching the plant overrides the plant data with human data, so don’t do what I’m doing here. Oops.


I contrubuted to MidiSprout’s kickstarter in 2017, meaning I aquired a MidiSprout of my own (as well as a snake plant, which is an exceptional plant for making music). When Joe and his business partner, Jon Shapiro, came through to attend Moogfest in Durham, NC, they stayed at my house and I was treated to my own personal house concert, thanks to the beloved snake plant I adopted (who still resides in NC, btw).


Snake Plant on its way home with me.


The super cool thing is that now you can use MidiSprout even on an iPhone. Also, MidiSprout is now manufactured using corn by-products, which makes it even more environmentally savvy. I greatly admire this comitment to environmental integrity.


The MidiSprout, shown here in conjunction with iPhone.


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